Somewhen recently I learned that there is a "standard" in Germany for sharing medical information with emergency services. It consists of a small green plastic tube with a sheet of paper that contains information about health conditions, allergies, medication and emergency contacts, which you put into your fridge, and a small green sticker that you put on the inside of your apartment door.
I like the simple, analog design, and I think more countries should adopt it.

Is there any way to get Mastodon to show stuff in chronological order, rather than its reverse? Scrolling from the top I often can't figure out what people are going on about because it has a context dependency that I haven't reached. Mastodon also doesn't make it easy to find out which posts have arrived since I last looked, and if I try to scroll down it hides posts behind little ellipses. My experience sucks, and I am not enjoying it.

There's no such thing as a backdoor only the authorities can access.

If encryption is broken, it's broken for everyone. Not just the authorities, not just the "good guys" — everyone.

Encryption means safety. Backdoors mean danger.


To-night's #DogWalk was magical.

It was a cold (-5°C) evening, with a near cloudless sky. There were intermittent snowflakes falling, and the full moon reflected off #Gruoch, giving her a mystical aura.

The stars were twinkling, and so were the frozen tree branches. The only noise was the crunching sound made by my feet and Gruoch's paws.

I started the walk with my head torch. However, I stopped using it after a few minutes, as it was both superfluous, and it ruined the atmosphere.


Wir bedanken uns bei diesem Fahrradfahrer für die anschauliche Darstellung der Mindestabstände beim Überholen von Fahrradfahrerenden:

Innerorts: 1,50 Meter.
Außerorts: 2 Meter.

Für alle, die sich das nicht merken können: Bitte eine Tannenbaumlänge Abstand halten!



Seit Montag denke ich, puh, morgen ist Freitag und dann Wochenende. Seit Montag! Und bin täglich enttäuscht. Außer heute 😃.

My family thought my Jellyfin media server was some nerdy thing that was a curiosity at best.

Because of the tornado, we have no internet or cable. But we do have movies. Because I have a working LAN and a Jellyfin sever.

Nerds rule.

I feel bad for maintainers of #log4j now that their hard volunteer work is widely ridiculed for serious #security flaws that were found.

This while every corporate club and your grandma used it in their million $$ projects without anyone thinking of doing a security scan or otherwise contributing to the project with time or funds.

A lessons-learned for the corporates:

"Nurture before you milk!"

And keep on nurturing. For god sake, can't you do anything sustainably?

Gibt es einen wissenschaftlichen Namen für den Effekt, dass man plötzlich dringend aufs Klo muss, während der Handwerker die Kloschüssel abbaut um eine neue einzubauen?

Long post about the Minecraft vulnerability 

I've seen some less than stellar reporting on this, so ok, Minecraft has a RCE vulnerability. An attacker, if they get a certain string of text in your minecraft log (e.g. with a line of chat), they can make Minecraft's logger connect to an external server, and deserialise an object, which in principle could be a chain of objects which caused a command to run, which would give them access to your computer. Under Java 8 this is more straightforward to exploit, on later versions it's more difficult. You can prevent it being exploitable at all by passing the argument -Dlog4j2.formatMsgNoLookups=true to java when you run minecraft (if you're using a launcher, arguments should be configurable). You can test whether this change was effective by putting ${jndi​:ldap:​//} in your Minecraft chat. If it's vulnerable, you'll see an error message in the console as Log4J attempts and fails to connect to the nonexistent resource on your own computer. If it's not vulnerable, all you'll see is the chat line.

This issue affects servers too, if you're running a server you can
pass this argument to java and it'll mitigate the risk server-side, but you should also consider acquiring and using a plugin which will filter out lines containing the objectionable material (I'd suggest filtering for "{$indi:"), and preventing them from being distributed to other players via commands or messages

it's actually my phobia 

I've arranged me a booster jab for coronavirus! Yey, it's on new year's eve. A stressful end to a stressful year.

Ein ganz tolles, wichtiges #Interview mit Marina Weisband darüber wie es ist chronisch #krank zu sein:

"Meine Umwelt ist für Gesunde gemacht und dadurch, dass ich gesund aussehe, erwartet meine Umwelt auch von mir, dass ich keine Extraansprüche stelle.

Diese Erwartung internalisiere ich und schäme mich.

Wenn ich bei einem Stehempfang des Bundespräsidenten auf dem einzigen Stuhl sitze, dann schäme ich mich.

Wenn ich für manche Wege einen Rollstuhl brauche, ist das unangenehm, weil ich doch eigentlich laufen kann.

Und ich schäme mich zu sehr, in einem öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel nach einem Sitzplatz zu fragen. Dabei kann ich aber nicht lange stehen."

#mecfs #chronischKrank #Erschöpfung #inklusion

An expletive is used. 

Having re-entered the UK after visiting France, and self-isolating for three days awaiting my PCR test results, I can finally leave the house. It's pissing down with rain.

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